According to a report in Forbes Magazine, workspace in the U.S. has felt significant impacts from the pandemic. A return to the office and business operations for both employers and employees will necessitate new thinking. A flexible workspace will require new strategies for purpose-driven collaboration that are agile to respond to changing needs. They predict a shift in the balance of power from property to people as employees drive space needs and requirements. Employers and real estate companies modernizing how they manage space to drive flexibility and agility will be paramount for a successful future.

Offering a solution to these challenges, Hufcor brings more than 100 years of experience driving innovation and technology to help companies maximize space. Their patented solutions enable architectural and interior design firms to offer clients several practical ways to maximize flexibility and agility with movable glass walls and operable partition solutions. Hufcor’s collections include timber frame and frameless, and acoustical, sliding acoustical, and ultra-acoustical glass walls. Their solutions meet any space challenge for Hotels, Schools, Commercial Offices, and Retail Stores.

Tune in to Inside The Blueprint on Fox Business to learn more about Hufcor’s retrofit of an Operable Wall with state-of-the-art features and integrated technology to elevate BrandStar’s next-generation film and television production studio. Discover the unique features they were able to custom build into the Operable Wall including power inside each panel for illumination, sight and sound separation, panel with privacy glass option, and more. Join us to learn about Hufcor and how they can help you see what is truly possible in a flexible space.