Any use of this material must be submitted to Inside the Blueprint for approval prior to use.

Please contact your Project Manager directly for approvals on promotional materials.

Logos & Marks General Guidelines


  • CNBC and TV logos cannot be used in conjunction with Inside the Blueprint logo or any other.


Cyan #00AEEF

Cobalt #00729C

Steel #808285

Web Banners

Updated Banners Are Currently Being Created. The following banners may be used on your Web site to promote your company appearing on the Inside the Blueprint. The following banners have been approved and may not be altered. If you need a different size or wish to change the banner, it will have to go through an approval process.  For information on this process please contact us at

Press Releases

If you are releasing your own Press Release, it needs to be approved by BrandStar’s Brand Service Department.

When using CNBC and TV in reference to Inside the Blueprint in the Press Release, it needs to be represented as such:

“Inside the Blueprint airing on CNBC and TV”

“CNBC’ and TV’s Inside the Blueprint”

Thank you so much for your cooperation.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.