Green Building

ITB is showcasing the growing green building movement, highlighting environmentally responsible practices from planning to design, construction, maintenance and renovation. Our mission is to show how integrating efficient technologies and minimizing waste can reduce the overall impact of the built environment on the natural world and protect human health.

Revolutionary Carpet Fiber That Helps Carpet Last Longer

Join us as we check out the company's revolutionary Antron® fiber, a high-performance ingredient that helps carpet look better—for longer.

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Basotect: A High-Tech Sound Absorption Solution

BASF's innovative product Basotect provides sound absorption without compromising design, and it can be converted into any shape to transform any space.

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An Innovative Company Bringing Fun Energy to Fan Technology

Go Fan Yourself is producing better blades and daring designs like the Z-Tech fan, a result of their constant commitment to innovative fan technology.

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Lennox HVAC Goes to Extremes to Keep You Cool — and Warm!

We head to Lennox's research lab in Carrollton, Texas to see how the company goes to extremes to ensure that your HVAC system is built to last.

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