Media & Technology

Technology in the modern business world is advancing at a lightning-fast pace for organizations as diverse as entertainment companies and cloud-based construction firms. From high-tech audio/video equipment for production studios and marketing agencies to next-gen robotics controlling smart buildings, products made by these companies are redefining innovation for the design and construction sectors.

Facilis Technology Upgrades BrandStar’s Storage System

Continuing BrandStar's upgrades in their post-production department, Massachusetts-based Facilis Technology provides a cutting-edge shared storage system. 

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Square Box Systems Transforms BrandStar’s Multimedia Workflow

Square Box Systems offers innovative storage and integration solutions for broadcast and entertainment companies.

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Hudson Spider Revolutionizes Film and Production Lighting

We're here at BrandStar Studios with Australian cinematographer Tim Hudson, the founder of Hudson Spider.

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Innovations in Cybersecurity with Booz Allen Hamilton

One of the biggest challenges for businesses around the world is cyber security. That's where Booz Allen Hamilton comes in, a global leader and provider of cyber security.

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