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Technology in the modern business world is advancing at a lightning-fast pace for organizations as diverse as entertainment companies and cloud-based construction firms. From high-tech audio/video equipment for production studios and marketing agencies to next-gen robotics controlling smart buildings, products made by these companies are redefining innovation for the design and construction sectors.

Increasing Productivity Through Innovative Facility Operations Solutions

FacilityONE is the industry’s first web-based facility information solution, which documents, manages, controls, and assesses a facility and its systems.

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A Company Lighting Up the Entertainment Industry for Over 100 years

We're off to Burbank, California, visiting a company that helps bring studio-quality lighting to portable productions. Meet ARRI, otherwise known as Arnold & Richter Cine Technik.

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Microchip Enables Customers to Make Secured Products

Security needs to be a consideration at each design’s inception, and Microchip provides the solutions and partners needed to protect products and, ultimately, a company’s IP, brand, and revenue stream.

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Watch How a Data Center in a Box is Built

Inside the Blueprint travels to West Chester Township, Ohio to the headquarters and manufacturing facility of Schneider Electric.

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