In modern healthcare construction, every design element must be deliberate, thought out and justified by a functional purpose. From large hospitals to small clinics, facilities are being strategically placed and structured to help patients move toward healthier lifestyles, so innovation and sustainability are crucial elements.

New Tools to Uncover the Genetic Culprits of Cancer

It’s one of America’s biggest killers. Cancer, second to heart disease, took more than 600,000 American lives in 2022. With nearly 2 million new cases diagnosed annually, tens of thousands of patients suffering from cancer opt for various therapies, including chemotherapy. Chemo – long known for unpleasant side effects — and other invasive surgical treatments […]

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Check Out How a Leading Solid Surface Is Made

On this episode of Office Spaces, Durasein®, the world's leading surfacing innovator takes us through their manufacturing and installation process of solid surfaces.

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A Company That Makes Innovative, Adjustable Workspaces

The average person spends more than a third of their lifetime in an office. That’s why Austria-based LogicData creates intelligent furnishings that provide ergonomic work environments. Additionally, the company is ready to start producing adjustable bed frames. On this episode of Office Spaces, we’re visiting Logicdata’s newly expanded showroom in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for an […]

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The Importance of Emergency Backup Power

Kalyn called on professionals from KOHLER Generators to secure a beautiful and quiet generator for backup power for the BrandStar team.

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