We don’t normally think of government buildings as glamorous, but designing and constructing a government building is an extraordinarily fascinating process that poses unique challenges for architects, builders, and government agencies themselves. These buildings enhance design, improve energy efficiency and boost productivity through innovative technologies that often have lasting effects.

From the Military to Public Libraries, Spacesaver Offers Customized Storage Solutions

Welcome to Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, a charming midwestern town home to Spacesaver Corporation. An expert in saving space and getting organized, Spacesaver designs and manufactures storage solutions that increase productivity and utilize empty space in an efficient and neat way. Meet Mark Haubenschild, president and CEO of Spacesaver. He takes us inside the corporation’s headquarters, where […]

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The Incredible Versatility of Precast Concrete Panels

Get a firsthand look at how Fabcon's innovation, quality management, and staff make their precast concrete panels the best choice for any building project.

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Titus HVAC: Innovative Air Distribution Technology

Inside the Blueprint heads to the Lone Star State for a tour of the Titus HVAC facility to witness the latest in state-of-the-art design, testing and teaching.

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The 11 Best New Buildings Designed by American Architects

Courtesy of Leanna Garfield from Business Insider, check out some of the top projects in architecture over the past few years.

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