Green Building

ITB is showcasing the growing green building movement, highlighting environmentally responsible practices from planning to design, construction, maintenance and renovation. Our mission is to show how integrating efficient technologies and minimizing waste can reduce the overall impact of the built environment on the natural world and protect human health.

Pamex: Top-Tier Products & Service

Innovation stems from a need or a problem that requires a solution. This is what inspires the engineers at Pamex. 

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KD Construction Is a Leader in Concrete Shell and Drywall

There's a good reason why knowledgeable contractors and developers rely on KD Construction as their concrete shell and drywall contracting partner.

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Making City Streets Safer with Florida Sidewalk Solutions

Sidewalks fulfill an important function, helping us move safely and quickly from one place to the next. One estimate puts the miles of U.S. sidewalks at over eight million.

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Fire Protection Solutions for Today’s Modern Buildings

We're in New York visiting the headquarters of McKEON, a full-line manufacturer of fire doors, fire shutters, fire curtains, security grilles, and more.

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