Green Building

ITB is showcasing the growing green building movement, highlighting environmentally responsible practices from planning to design, construction, maintenance and renovation. Our mission is to show how integrating efficient technologies and minimizing waste can reduce the overall impact of the built environment on the natural world and protect human health.

Smart Solar for a More Sustainable Future

The quest to reach a net zero by 2050 is a goal companies across the planet are taking seriously — but none more so than one key solar energy manufacturer whose participation in reaching this goal is unrivaled in the world of attaining a carbon-free energy baseline. Meet Trina Solar, a company specializing in photovoltaic […]

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Carbon-Neutral, Heat2O Hot Water Heaters for Large-Scale Hot Water Use

Inside the Blueprint visits New Haven, Connecticut’s Hotel Marcel – the nation’s first net-zero hotel. We’re here to discover who the environmental leaders are. Mitsubishi Electric’s Heat2O™ all-electric, cold-climate Heat Pump Water Heater is reducing North America’s carbon footprint. Designed to lessen environmental impact of high-volume Domestic Hot Water (DHW) by using CO2 refrigerant – […]

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Emerging Trends in Real Estate Investments

Inside the Blueprint visits a U.S. company driving the development and management of new, best-in-class real estate projects.

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Going Electric, Going Green: Forklifts for a Sustainable Planet

As the world’s largest supplier of forklifts and material handling equipment, Toyota Material Handling will help bring your company to the next level.

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