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Carbon-Neutral, Heat2O Hot Water Heaters for Large-Scale Hot Water Use

Inside the Blueprint visits New Haven, Connecticut’s Hotel Marcel – the nation’s first net-zero hotel. We’re here to discover who the environmental leaders are. Mitsubishi Electric’s Heat2O™ all-electric, cold-climate Heat Pump Water Heater is reducing North America’s carbon footprint. Designed to lessen environmental impact of high-volume Domestic Hot Water (DHW) by using CO2 refrigerant – […]

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World Class Heating and Cooling — Why Mitsubishi Electric VRF is the Future of HVAC

Mitsubishi Electric pioneered VRF zoning technology in the U.S. and has continued to advance the category with industry-leading products, training, and support. Mitsubishi VRF experts solve complex HVAC challenges in buildings of nearly every shape and size across the nation and around the world. Learn how this world-class company and technology can help design the […]

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Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US Leads The Way in Revolutionary Innovations in HVRF Technology

In 2021, sustainability remains at the forefront of commercial buildings, which produce nearly 40% of annual CO2 emissions. The HVAC industry has been focused on designing new innovations and technology addressing energy efficiency and sustainability. On this episode of Inside The Blueprint, we take an inside look at a company on the leading edge of […]

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