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Host and Interior Designer, Kalyn Rothaus, works with experts in cabinetry, water fountains, hand dryers, washroom accessories and micro-market vending to continue transforming an outdated warehouse into a modern high-tech office space.

(DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – PR LOG – March 25, 2015) Office Spaces™, a reality office design series welcomes Innovation Cabinetry, Elkay Water Fountains, American Dryer, Bobrick and Compass Group USA, Inc. on Monday, March 28, 2016 at 7:00 AM (ET/PT) on Lifetime®. Produced by BrandStar’s award-winning home improvement show Designing Spaces®, Office Spaces offers a twist — the remodeling, renovations and redesign will be filmed on location for its own new corporate headquarters, located next door to their current site.

The following partners helped make it possible:


Creating a Home-Style Breakroom – with Innovation Cabinetry

Kalyn’s vision for the breakroom is to design a comfortable dining area that features a fully custom kitchen so it feels more like home. Employees should be able to sit down in a relaxing environment, have a meeting, socialize, and enjoy a healthy meal without ever having to leave the office! She chose Innovation Cabinetry because they not only fit her vision, they were also able to ship their cabinets to the construction site on short notice. Go to to see everything they offer.


Ensuring Employees are Well Hydrated – with Elkay Water Fountains

One of the goals in the design of this building is to improve employee lifestyle while employees are at work. A full kitchen and break room have been added, and Kalyn decided filtered water stations were also a must. Michelle Q. from Elkay Manufacturing stops by to talk about how to best keep everyone well hydrated throughout the day. Elkay is a company that provides innovative, high-speed filling stations and drinking solutions. Their bottle-filling station was designed based on three elements – quick, clean and green. Visit to find out more.


Protecting Employees from Germs – with American Dryer

Restrooms are perhaps the most germ-ridden places we encounter each day – and Kalyn wanted the restrooms at BrandStar to be the most healthy, germ-free environment possible for its employees (especially when it comes to washing and drying their hands). American Dryer prides itself on being an innovator in the hand-drying industry – they’ve been in the business for over 60 years, and in fact, developed the very first compact, high-speed hand dryer! The effectiveness is due to a germ- killing technology they call Cold Plasma Clean, which their independent lab testing has proven to have a 99.6 percent kill rate on germs like E. coli, Staph, C.diff, MRSA and Salmonella. Learn more at


Restroom Accessories That Save Paper & Money – with Bobrick

To complete the restroom installation, Kalyn wanted to find a green-minded company to provide the accessories – products that will not only save paper and reduce waste, but also save operating costs and meet ADA compliance. Kalyn found what she needed through Bobrick Washroom Equipment, a 100-year-old global washroom accessory company whose initiative to ‘build green’ offers nearly every device needed to complete installation of the BrandStar restrooms including, stainless steel grab bars that are set at the right height for ADA compliance and stainless steel door bumpers with black neoprene bumpers. To see all of Bobrick’s products, go to


Keeping Employees on Campus – with Compass Group USA, Inc.

In creating a break room and kitchen for this new office space at BrandStar, one of Kalyn’s key design challenges was to keep employees on campus at lunchtime, which makes them spend less time away at lunch – and more time getting work done! She received a directive from Carmen Feinberg, the EVP of HR and Operations, to create a lunch room where employees could come and eat and also purchase food, as there are not many great lunch options in the area. Traditional vending still has its place in a lot of parts of America, and in a lot of the industry, but it doesn’t necessarily fit the new customer that is looking for more choices and more options. But that’s what Avenue C, from Compass Group USA, Inc., brings to the table! To learn more, visit


About Office Spaces
Office Spaces was created by BrandStar, producer of the long-running branded entertainment shows The Balancing Act®, Designing Spaces®, Mission Makeover® and Access Health®, all currently airing on Lifetime or in syndication.


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