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(DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – PR LOG – May 26, 2016) Office Spaces™, a reality office design series, welcomes the following partners on Monday, May 30, 2016 at 7:00 AM (ET/PT) on Lifetime®:

Integrating all of the Building Components – with Complete Integrated Technology
On this episode of Office Spaces, the job of Complete Integrated Technology is to integrate all of the components of the building, which means they are involved in everything from high voltage to low voltage systems, and make all of the parts work together.  Jason and Justin, “the twins” and founders of Complete Integrated Technology, always shared an interest in electronics, and as time progressed, this hobby quickly turned into a long-term business venture.  They came in to BrandStar for this project and helped all of the other participants across the finish line. Learn more about their integration capabilities at

Staying Connected in the Office – with Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF)

In the old office building, cell phone coverage was spotty at best – and employees often had to walk down hallways and get close to windows in order to even find a signal.  With the help of ADRF and their cellular repeaters, Office Spaces addresses an important aspect of communication:  cell phone coverage!  To discover even more amazing RF technology, go to


Setting Up the IT Infrastructure – with Chatsworth Products
The nervous system of the entire BrandStar building is the IT Room, so Office Spaces brought in Chatsworth Products, a 25-year-old company specializing in cable management and racks, to help store all of this technology and keep it organized. When there’s voice, video and data all in one room, there needs to be a variety of products capable of supporting it all. Go to to find out how they made it possible.


Making Sure Technology Works – with Monoprice

It’s one thing to have lots of cool technology on display in the BrandStar boardrooms and offices, but it’s quite another thing to make sure it all works at the touch of a button!  That’s where the right cable comes in and Office Spaces enlisted the expertise of Monoprice to help.  If the technology works, chances are there’s a Monoprice cable hidden behind the wall that is making it work! Visit to learn more.


Securing the Building – with Axis Communications and Milestone Systems

The expensive technology in the new BrandStar building needs to be protected.  Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, integrated a complete network solution of IP cameras with an access control integration. Milestone Systems’ easy-to-use video management software further enabled the BrandStar team to build a scalable surveillance system to meet the security challenges of today, and tomorrow.  For more information on the seamless partnership between Axis and Milestone, please visit and


Connecting Complex Wiring – with

To ensure complex, low voltage wiring is safely and correctly installed in the new building, is handling everything from the building management systems, the HCV controllers, the monitors on the wall, and the microphones in the conference room for telepresence. They will compile all of the specifications and the needs of each vendor and then figure out how it will actually go in the BrandStar building. Visit to discover all of their commercial capabilities.


Displaying Consistent Content on Varied Displays – with ZeeVee

With so many different types and sizes of monitors in this office space – from video walls and TV screens to computer screens and smart boards – Kalyn’s design challenge was to find a way to display the same picture and message on all of the multiple screens at BrandStar. That’s when she came across Bob Michaels – the CEO of ZeeVee. ZeeVee is a U.S. manufacturer of video distribution equipment. The hardware allows BrandStar to project the same image on multiple platforms. ZeeVee is the right choice to build for the future with products delivering standard, HD and Ultra HD video to digital displays and TVs, and also delivering IP video via standards-based, off-the-shelf IT networks and displays. Learn more at


Recording Boardroom Meetings – with Sony

Kalyn’s overall goal and design concept was to create a boardroom that houses cutting-edge technology with the ability to easily record and share information. Tim Henry, from Sony Electronics, showed her the best cameras to fit the new space: the SRG-120DH and SRG-300H Sony cameras, both 1080/60p HD PTZ models with the ability to communicate and collaborate in a more efficient manner. This combination addressed a range of challenges for the design team and met many of the project’s architectural, optical and electrical requirements with features that delivered image quality, affordability, easy installation, connectivity and low-light performance. Learn more about both cameras and Sony’s full line at


Making Meetings More Productive – with SMART Technologies
With lots of technology now wired in place, Kalyn aimed to find the easiest and smartest way to interact with it all. That’s when she came across SMART Technologies at the NeoCon Show in Chicago. SMART’s business solutions focus on liberating knowledge workers from unproductive meetings and engagements, enabling faster decision making and reduced business risk. SMART provides solutions and services that help turn formal or informal meetings into a time when people can actually collaborate and where work actually gets done. SMART kapp is a traditional, simple-to-use dry-erase board or white board that is actually digitized – so you can capture the content and share it in real time on any web-enabled device with anyone all around the world! Check it out at