Civil Planning

Industry Leaders Driving Dallas Forward

Inside The Blueprint goes local to find the industry innovators around Dallas who are providing pioneering solutions in construction, engineering, waterworks, and insulation. Ramtech is a leader in commercial modular construction, with both relocatable and permanent building solutions for education, government, medical, and other commercial applications. Dallas-based Cardinal Strategies are experts in providing the know-how […]

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Building a Better City

The hustle and bustle of city life are so commonplace that we rarely give a thought to systems and planning put into the way citizens move around the city they live in. After all, flat surfaces like sidewalks, thoroughfares, parking lots, roadways, and highways may look simple enough but these essential aspects of public motility […]

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Solving Water Flow Problems Using Sustainable, Innovative, and Smart Solutions

Even in this age of towering structures, cutting edge technology, and modern engineering, the battle to overcome the whims of nature will always be a challenge for humankind. Perhaps nothing better exemplifies this battle than overcoming the challenges posed by water. Flooding, flash floods, drainage, and erosion can all lead to serious threats to structures, […]

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