Artistic Acoustics, Smart Furniture and Fancy Fan Technology

On this episode of Office Spaces, we visit Minneapolis to see how Basotect provides acoustical solutions without compromising design, converting the product into any shape to transform any space. Basotect gives sound absorption options to architects, building owners and interior designers — along with peace of mind. BASF, the creators of Basotect, are creating chemistry for a sustainable future. Then, Go […]

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A Company That Makes Innovative, Adjustable Workspaces

The average person spends more than a third of their lifetime in an office. That’s why Austria-based LogicData creates intelligent furnishings that provide ergonomic work environments. Additionally, the company is ready to start producing adjustable bed frames. On this episode of Office Spaces, we’re visiting Logicdata’s newly expanded showroom in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for an […]

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