This episode of Office Spaces focuses on privacy and noise reduction in the new office.  In particular the work environment for the 54 employees that will be working in the new bullpen. First up in the show is Bill McCann from Dynasound.  Bill’s company manufactures speakers that add sound masking to the building.  They actually add sound to the building so noise can be reduced between employees. We also meet Kelly Minton, the installer from Dynasound as he installs 30 sound masking speakers around the building. Mayline’s president Allan Klotsche also stops by to supervise the installation of the Mayline bullpen furniture. Designer Kalyn Rothaus meets with Armstrong principal scientist Sean Browne.  Mr. Browne discusses an Armstrong product line called Total Acoustics that absorb 85% of sound and block 35 decibels of sound. Kalyn decides on Armstrong’s Calla Ceiling Panels. Finally Kalyn meets with Rebecca Tyke, from 2/90 Signs. 2/90 provides a unique line of signs for the interior and exterior of the building