Today’s modern buildings offer an extensive blend of smart technologies, and managing all these technologies can be a tall order.

Delta Controls is a company from Vancouver, Canada, that has developed the Delta building—today’s modern way to control a smart building. In the Delta building, one system is the central hub of the building that controls all the separate smart technologies that operate within. Join Inside the Blueprint as we speak with leaders from Delta Controls about the efficiency and technology that powers the Delta building.

As one of the largest independent manufacturers of building automation systems, with 300+ distributors in over 80 countries, Delta Controls also boasts a new state-of-the-art 4,400 square-foot manufacturing facility. The company is using sophisticated robotics for a wide variety of tasks, including tedious work like programming software and firmware into devices and systems.

Delta Controls aims to be the building of the future by building innovative, high-tech systems that react to its occupants.