In a Forbes magazine article in July 2021 the author points out, “to get people back to the workplace, we need to create healthy buildings.” The effect of the pandemic has been far-reaching and people need to feel confident that the workplace will be safe. It is vital employers, office managers and schools provide spaces ensuring and enabling a safe environment. On this episode of Inside The Blueprint, we get a behind-the-scenes look at a company on the leading edge of engineering and innovating new product solutions.

For more than 160 years, Armstrong has been an industry leader bringing innovation, technology, and sustainable solutions in acoustics and building products. Known for engineering prowess, their focus on healthier spaces and indoor air quality has contributed to the introduction of their 24/7 Defend Portfolio. The breadth of solutions are designed to address all aspects of indoor environmental quality to help keep employees safer and healthier.

Launched in 2020, Armstrong’s Healthy Spaces initiative led to the development of ceiling products, including the “AirAssure™ Ceiling” panels and “VidaShield UV24™ Air Purification System.” Designed to improve indoor air quality and ventilation effectiveness, they can be applied to new spaces or retrofit existing buildings. These solutions are ideal for any interior space and reassure people heading back to work that their environment is a safe and healthy place.

Stay tuned as Inside The Blueprint explores why and how Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions delivers innovative products and creates Healthy Spaces.