Climate change requires innovative approaches to our stormwater infrastructure with a fresh approach to managing the impact of catastrophic localized flooding. An April 2021 report from the American Society of Civil Engineers states that annual flooding cost urban communities approximately $9 billion in damages between 2004–2014. They recommend inform decisions on current and future regulatory expectations and land-use practices include an understanding of localized risk associated with flooding.

ACO, Inc. stormwater management solutions help local municipalities and commercial buildings manage and mitigate the risks associated with urban flooding. In this episode of Inside The Blueprint, we get a behind the scenes look at their patented plastic geocellular stormwater management system—StormBrixx®.

It is designed specifically to offer a new, innovative solution for civil engineers, water resource engineers, and stormwater management supervisors worldwide. The system’s versatility enables runoff from the hydrological cycle to be collected, cleaned, stored, and released back into the natural environment at a controlled rate.

Stay tuned to Inside The Blueprint as we explore how ACO is bringing innovation, technology, and transformative solutions to stormwater management via StormBrixx®—it is a revolutionary solution for the industry today.