The importance of a solid foundation, advancing technology in offshore inspection and solutions, empowering companies and teams to grow, plus lots more!

Freestone Partners is an investment firm that focuses on partnerships with founders and incumbent management teams to empower their companies and teams to grow.

Offshore Inspection Group provides oversight services worldwide with experienced personnel for offshore and onshore, inspection, surveying, marine, and commissioning projects.

Pileworks is an innovative Deep Foundation Materials Designer and Manufacturer, who specializes in value-added alternatives to traditional foundation systems.

Disrupt Equity Partners is dedicated to helping investors achieve strong passive income by leveraging multifamily real estate syndications.

Subsurface Clarity is a seismic data interpretation company specifically designed to generate integrated products aimed at the 3-dimensional nature and distribution of your reservoir targets.

All-in-one Magic-Pak heating and cooling solutions simplify multi-unit building development at every stage.