We’re off to Insulgard’s headquarters in Michigan to visit their plant and learn how the company has evolved.

For more than 40 years, Insulgard Security Products has provided architectural security systems built to resist ballistic, forced entry, and wind and impact threats.

In addition to manufacturing industry-leading security products, Insulgard works directly with architects and provides clients with a variety of services, including threat assessment, custom design and fabrication, and complete installation.

From start to finish, Insulgard helps create a safe solution to protect against a number of threats by providing state-of-the-art glazing materials, transaction windows, doors, framing systems, and more.

Their products can be found in many locations, including banks, convenience stores, retail establishments, corporate and data centers, schools, and emergency operation centers.

Stay tuned to hear how their high-security products will allow your home and business to run effectively and safely.