Take a sweeping look at innovations in the commercial construction and design space, chronicling ideas and products that impact how local communities live, work, and play.

Tips From The Experts: An Education On Energy And Keeping Air Quality Healthy And Clean

Cyclone Energy Group provides reliable analysis, cutting-edge insights, and practical solutions for achieving energy efficiency for all stages of the commercial building life cycle, from design to construction, through warranty, and into operations. Based in Chicago, Cyclone Energy Group works throughout the United States on behalf of designers, contractors, developers, owners, and property managers. Cyclone […]

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Innovations In Consulting And eDiscovery Services

Acorn Legal Solutions has made eDiscovery accessible to all sized firms. When working together, Acorn Legal Solutions ensures that your data is secure and well managed.

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Innovative Property Management Solutions

AMCO Property Management, formerly EPI Property Management, offers best-in-class property management services. With the ability to provide the newest in virtual electronic access to homeowners and board meetings, AMCO Realty and Property Management sees the value in helping to bring quality benefits and state-of-the-art features to all the properties that they manage.

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Insuring Your Success For A Brighter Future

As a family business, J.J. Doorhy & Associates values partnerships and long-term relationships. The goal is to help customers manage their growth in hopes of maximizing their success. J.J. Doorhy & Associates’ service model ensures every client will always hear a familiar voice when they reach out for help.

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