In a 2021 report by FinancesOnline, the author points out the critical role of supply chains in promoting productivity increases in modern business operations. Due to advancements with automation, AI, and data analytics, there has been significant innovation in supply chain technology and cloud-based inventory management software. These innovations drive streamlined operations and a company’s digital transformation. While many challenges continue to plague the industry, especially given the impact of recent supply chain disruptions, many professionals are seeking to improve inventory visibility and accuracy to gain a competitive business advantage.

Cloud Inventory® stands as a trusted supply chain industry leader leveraging the deep expertise and knowledge gained from serving more than 3,000 global enterprises. With the recent launch of their mobile-first inventory management applications, coupled with substantial flexibility from their low-code platform, all enterprises can now track the state, location, and authenticity of items through the Cloud Inventory product lines of Manufacturing Materials™, Warehouse Inventory™, and Field Inventory™. This, in turn, equips organizations to improve productivity, increase compliance, optimize inventory, and generate greater revenues through enhanced visibility, accuracy, and real-time access to information.

Cloud Inventory’s solution addresses a long-held misconception that digital transformation can be complicated and take a long time to implement. With proper tracking of inventory, the bottom-line impact for any company is achieved quickly producing a rapid return on investment.

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