On this episode of Inside the Blueprint, we explore innovative solutions and products that are revolutionizing construction and workplace design.

First, join us as we travel to Houston to explore how On Center Software is revolutionizing the crowded and competitive bidding field with its laser-fast, computer-aided estimating and takeoff.

Then, let’s discuss acrylic lighting solutions. Evonik Industries offers an innovative acrylic material called Acrylite that’s modernizing office spaces when it’s used with light. We’ll get an inside look at how it’s made and discuss the endless possibilities that can be achieved with the color and light transmission of acrylic.

Next, meet Dave Garlow, president and CEO of Viega, who discusses the company’s soon-to-open U.S. headquarters, which will be outfitted with an innovative heating and cooling radiant floor.

Finally, let’s upgrade those window shades. From housing to towering skyscrapers, Lu-Tek is a frontrunner in window coverings and textiles to create fashionable and functional shades. The process is simple: Lu-Tek retrofits the existing shades to become motorized with an exclusive software. Stay tuned to get a look at the company’s unique step-by-step process when creating shades.