Making buildings greener is a top priority. That’s why we’re traveling to Michigan City, Indiana, to learn more about how Dwyer Instruments, Inc. is innovating HVAC technology to increase energy efficiency.

With more than 85 years of industry excellence, Dwyer Instruments is a global leader in HVAC solutions.

Today, we’re getting an inside look at the company’s production facility in Michigan City, where technicians are working to revolutionize one of the most important tools in the industry: the air hood, which is used to measure a building’s airflow and evaluate HVAC systems. It’s also used to balance climate within indoor spaces, making sure that one corner of a room isn’t warmer or cooler than another.

Enter Dwyer’s Smart Air Hood, a lighter and more accurate alternative to the traditional air hood. Stay tuned to learn why this product is on its way to shaking up the HVAC industry like never before.