When was the last time someone told you, “GFY?”

Wait, before you start jumping to conclusions, it’s not an insult—Go Fan Yourself is the name of an Illinois-based industrial fan company that’s breaking the mold for how fan companies are supposed to act. Go Fan Yourself and its culture is anything but typical for an organization that makes industrial ceiling fans.

Though they pride themselves on working hard to deliver high-quality HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans, the Go Fan Yourself team doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Go figure, a fan company that doesn’t just make products that cool—they are cool.

The product that launched the company’s appearance in the big fan game is the revolutionary Z-Tech fan. The Z-Tech has ginormous 12-foot blades—creating a 24-foot diameter—that move an astounding 425,000 CFM. If you don’t know what CFM is (it’s cubic feet per minute), take it from us, that’s a lot. As GFY CEO Bill Carlson says, “It’s almost like having a helicopter on the ceiling.” Whoa, that’s a lot of air moving around. The Z-Tech is so powerful that it can cover an industrial space as large as 25- to 30,000 square feet.

Performance doesn’t take a backseat to style, size or innovation at Go Fan Yourself. One of GFY’s essential criteria as they were designing the Z-Tech was to make sure it worked just as well in reverse as it did rotating forward. This ensures that industrial spaces enveloped in concrete and metal that get bitterly cold during the winter months get significant relief from the waves of warm air generated by the Z-Tech.

Taking its innovations a step further, the company’s Z-Chill system marries HVAC with fan technology, enabling businesses to economically and efficiently spot cool stifling spaces during the sizzling summer months. Conversely, Z-Chill can also bring heat during the depths of winter to freezing spaces that don’t have central heating.

But GFY’s groundbreaking technology doesn’t stop there: enter the ReCircuLite, a revolutionary LED light and fan combo that can help remedy sick-building syndrome. Perfect for schools, hospitals and office spaces, the ReCircuLite can limit the spread of viruses and bacteria and provide substantial savings on energy costs.

Go Fan Yourself is a serious company with a funny name that’s running circles around the competition in the commercial fan industry. And just in case you weren’t totally clear about their philosophy, just remember GFY’s slogan: “Different is Cool.”