Managing a facility isn’t easy, especially when it comes to emergency response and risk management. It requires a full understanding of all assets and systems available – at all times.

That’s where FacilityONE comes in, the industry’s first web-based facility information solution, which documents, manages, controls, and assesses a facility and its systems.

FacilityONE provides a cloud-based enterprise operations solution for facilities management that encompasses a proprietary interactive blueprint system, paired with customized data analytics, physical asset mapping, and CMMS platform.

Founded in Louisville, KY in 2000, FacilityONE was established to provide critical facility information solutions for a range of industries, from healthcare, and commercial real estate, to schools, entertainment, and more.

By the combination of people and technology, they provide customers with solutions to establish, measure, and maintain more effective management of their facilities. Stay tuned to learn more.