On today’s episode of Inside the Blueprint, we’re rolling out the blueprints of some of today’s most innovative industry leaders, from fast-drying concrete to heat transfer solutions.

Today’s infrastructure is in the midst of a much-needed facelift, with construction projects taking place across the nation on highways, runways, and offie buildings – and that means the need for lots of concrete. With nearly 80 years of innovation in cement products, GCC is an international leader in modern day construction.

What’s something that sports cars, speedboats, and spacesuits have in common? Their complex forms, high strength, and lightweight construction are all made possible by innovative products created by Owens Corning.

Next, we’re in Maryland, visiting the global headquarters of Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC), an industry leader that has dedicated more than 80 years to developing innovative and sustainable heat transfer solutions.

Then, meet Dave Garlow, president and CEO of Viega, who discusses the company’s soon-to-open U.S. headquarters, which will be outfitted with an innovative heating and cooling radiant floor.