We’re in the midst of BrandStar’s production studio redesign!

First off, BrandStar is in need of some office furniture! Cue Agati, a manufacturer of timeless furniture.

Then, the flexibility to print from anywhere—from any mobile device—is important for the millennials in BrandStar’s new office space. Konica Minolta provided the high-tech business solutions needed with their multi-function printers for wireless printing, copy, scan and email.

Also, standing for long periods of time can be exhausting on your body, and the BrandStar studio team is on their feet all day. Enter Shore Rugs™, the world’s first ergonomic rug company.

Plus, to improve the overall BrandStar employee experience, the company has installed Follett’s innovative ice machines in the break rooms. Employees appreciate and benefit from the versatile, healthful addition of a quality ice machine, and what better way to test out the new ice maker than an impromptu after-hours margarita party?