On this episode of Inside the Blueprint, we’re hitting the road in search of the most innovative in design and construction.

First up, we’re off to Chesapeake, Va. to visit the folks at Earthcore responsible for producing environmentally-safe fireplaces, chimneys, and wood-burning ovens that are fashionable, functional, and built to last for years to come. Stay tuned as we get an inside look at how Earthcore transforms volcanic material into incredible works of functional art.

When it comes to securing our nation’s schools, government buildings, and other critical infrastructure, Global Security Glazing’s CHILDGARD security glass is assault-resistant and designed to withstand extensive physical attacks.

Next, we’re off to Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, a charming midwestern town home to Spacesaver Corporation. An expert in saving space and getting organized, Spacesaver designs and manufactures storage solutions that increase productivity and utilize empty space in an efficient and neat way

Then, let’s explore how On Center Software is revolutionizing the crowded and competitive bidding field with its laser-fast, computer-aided estimating and takeoff.