On the season premiere of Inside the Blueprint, we’re taking a closer look at cutting-edge companies offering the latest in vacuum and compressor systems, industrial ceiling fans, and more.

First up, we discover Airtech, a leading global designer and manufacturer of vacuum pumps, blowers, and vacuum and compressor systems. They’re “blowing away” their competition with innovative solutions.

Next, did you know MacroAir invented the big industrial ceiling fan, also known as the High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fan? They are a leader in the market by developing the most innovative large fans in the world.

Furthermore, today’s infrastructure is in the midst of a much-needed facelift, with construction projects taking place across the nation on highways, runways, and offie buildings – and that means the need for lots of concrete. With nearly 80 years of innovation in cement products, GCC is an international leader in modern day construction.

In addition, we meet LBX, a company located in Lexington, Kentucky that is the proud maker of Link-Belt Excavators. Their machines are purpose-built for the forestry, scrap, demolition, and material handling industries.