Inside the Blueprint (ITB), which already reaches more than 80 million potential households in the United States on Fox Business Network, is expanding its reach thanks to a new international distribution partnership with. The new partnership with will expand the popular B2B series to over 190 million households around the world.

Produced by BrandStar, innovators in award-winning television properties that air on Lifetime, Fox Business and syndicated markets, ITB is a fast-paced series that takes a sweeping look at innovations in commercial construction and design spaces, chronicling ideas and products that impact how we live, work and play.

“Our partnership with International is a major breakthrough for ITB,” said Ron Secreto, ITB Executive Producer and BrandStar Senior Vice President of Programming. “Between Fox Business and International, ITB will now be airing on the leading business networks worldwide.”

ITB searches the country for the most innovative influencers, the most daring in design and the coolest in commercial construction. Each episode examines the inspiration, idea, process and impact behind the cutting-edge products and services it features. From architecturally “green” designs and workspaces to visually stunning views of product installations, ITB paves the way for innovation in commercial architecture and construction, and the far-reaching benefits they’re having on the built environment – and the world.

Since 2018, ITB has aired on Fox Business, the most watched business TV network according to Nielson. With International, ITB now extends its reach globally to over 35 countries in Europe and Latin America – an additional 110 million potential households. As a leader in global business and financial information, expands ITB’s reach to the highest concentration of financial professionals and business decision makers of any cable network measured.