Every year, there are more than $155 million dollars in losses as a result of catastrophic storage facility fires. For structures without fire sprinkling systems, damage typically triples compared to businesses with proper protection.

That’s why constant innovation is needed in the field of fire suppression, including sprinkling systems specifically designed to meet the hazard classifications and regulations of the buildings they protect.

With more than 125 years of industry excellence, Johnson Controls offers an unmatched range of fire suppression systems, extinguishing agents, fire sprinklers and valves, and additional firefighting equipment.

Helping customers save lives and protect property, Johnson Controls is a global leader in fire suppression systems. The company’s deep expertise helps drive innovation, advance safety, and solve the unique challenges of customers around the world.

Stay tuned to get an inside look at Johnson Controls’ latest technologies, including an electronically activated sprinkler system that offers sprinkler heads with sensors to help identify the source of a fire.