Automation and robotics are changing the landscape of manufacturing at record speed – and one company, Makino, is leading the way.

Inside the Blueprint takes us behind the scenes of Makino’s production facility in Mason, Ohio. Stay tuned for a look at how intelligent automation helps solve labor shortages, increases speed, cuts costs, and prepares for the future.

Makino is more than just machine technology. The company’s products represent relentless consistency, historic accuracy, industry leading expertise, and game-changing digital technology. If you are ready to take productivity to the next level, you are ready for a Makino.

Over 80 years ago, founder Tsunezo Makino invented the horizontal machining center. Today, Makinos are sold in 41 countries around the world and are widely recognized as the most advanced machining centers.

Makino engineers continually push the boundaries of micron precision. From the efficient, rigid design, to the meticulous initial casting, and the supreme exactness of the final build, they produce the most accurate machines in the industry.