The Gap Partnership is a global management consultancy specializing in negotiation. They help some of the world’s most successful companies achieve commercial excellence through negotiation expertise.

In order to be successful businesses must negotiate every day. Up to 42% of the potential value in any deal is routinely left on the table at the end of every negotiation but despite this, negotiation as a skill is often overlooked and under-invested in.

With a focus on negotiation, The Gap Partnership supports its clients to commercialize strategic operational plans and have them executed by highly skilled negotiators.

In this episode of Inside the Blueprint, we hear from the team in the U.S. about their philosophy and approach, and what they mean by negotiation culture. They break the concept down into its three core areas—People, Process, and Organization—and explain the critical role that each plays. We also learn about the wide range of resources they offer clients including a digital platform packed with insight, tips and tools, and a biannual magazine, The Negotiation Society.

Stay tuned as we learn how and why The Gap Partnership is leading the world in negotiation and helping their clients maximize their performance and profits. They are a business like no other.