We’re here in Houston, Texas visiting Tamlyn’s state-of-the-art production facility.

Founded in 1971 by Ron Tamlyn Sr., Tamlyn incorporates cutting-edge technology when developing new products in the building supply industry. Their in-house engineers and architects are well-educated and extremely detailed concerning industry specifics.

When the company was established in the 1970s, Ron Tamlyn Sr. began with $800 in borrowed money and help from his wife, Jean, in a small shack in the backyard of their modest home in Bellaire, Texas. Despite Tamlyn’s massive growth, the company remains family-owned to this day.

Their history is one of quality, innovation, and proven performance; and they are proud to represent the manufacturing end of the building products industry.

Stay tuned as Inside the Blueprint receives a behind the scenes look at Tamlyn’s latest innovations, including solutions to water leakage and moisture infiltration in buildings and structures.