We’ve seen a lot of new technology going into the creation of this new office space at BrandStar–Some of which we didn’t even know existed! Now, we’re getting a first-look at BrandStar’s new kitchen and bathroom equipment.

American Dryer is outfitting all bathrooms with modern high-speed hand dryers. They’re eco-friendly, stylish, hygienic, and practical for an office space that houses hundreds of employees.

For BrandStar’s break-room, interior designer Kalyn found the perfect furnishings from a company called Berco Designs. For the kitchen, Kalyn also chose luxurious and affordable cabinets from Innovation Cabinetry, as well as Elkay Manufacturing filtered water stations.

But, when creating the break-room and kitchen, one of Kalyn’s key design challenges was to keep employees on campus at lunchtime! That’s what Avenue C brings to the table!

Speaking of, there are a lot more accessories required to complete the restroom installation—but Kalyn wanted to find an eco-friendly company to provide them. We turned to Bobrick, who produces high-quality, green washroom equipment that runs the entire gamut of products.