In this episode of Office Spaces, watch along as BrandStar’s office redesign continues. Today, the building will be filled with expensive technology, dynamic furniture, and much more!

Metal Industries takes care of BrandStar’s HVAC needs, while Konica Minolta provides multi-functional printers perfect for wireless printing, copying, scanning, and emailing.

Mayline offers customers a high-quality, designer-friendly furniture solution, but at a price point that will work for most project budgets. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Watch along to find out why. Plus, Alda Design is the perfect solution for BrandStar’s social digital spaces’s needs. That’s why Kalyn went to Miami to check out their showroom and sign a deal for the unique furniture line.

Then, Kalyn meets with Trevor Palmer, who explains how the Distech Controls’ building management system can control a whole building from one system… or even a mobile device!

Also, Kalyn wants to include art installations in the lobby and secondary entrance. This being a green building, she found a product by Noble Environmental Technologies uses recycled denim and cardboard with an iron particle-infused paint.

In addition, Kalyn needs to create a special effect on the glass in the social digital room so it doesn’t feel like a fishbowl. Enter 3M’s Dichroic Glass Finish, which adds color across each glass panel for true customization.