The BrandStar building is almost complete, and now it’s time to create some much needed curb appeal.

Follett is a market leader in providing reliable and quality commercial ice and water dispensers for offices. Watch along as BrandStar implements Follet. Also, 2/90 Sign Systems helps BrandStar create a stellar outdoor sign.

Next, Kalyn brings back Acuity Brands, a leading provider of lighting solutions for outdoor applications, to supply outdoor light poles; and she works with 4-Evergreen Landscaping to execute BrandStar’s lush landscaping. Kalyn also calls on professionals from KOHLER Generators to secure a beautiful and quiet generator for backup power for the BrandStar team.

Kalyn’s design calls for a vibrant exterior color scheme to make the office building come alive! Max Sadik, owner of Maxim Construction Group, knows all about choosing the right paint for appearance and protection.

The new building needs a new parking lot, too. U.S. Pave comes just in time to save the day!

In addition, BrandStar turns to Leviton, a network solutions company that provided BrandStar with the hardware and touch panels that control all of the company’s technology through one device.

Then, Kalyn invites famed architectural photographer Mike Butler to BrandStar for a walk-through and first glimpse of the office space.