On today’s episode, we go geek chic to learn about crucial IT products and infrastructure. We examine fiber optics, cell phone repeaters, access control, security, and digital platform integration, and how it all comes together to help us work smarter.

With the help of Advanced RF Technologies, BrandStar’s new headquarters has stellar cell phone signal. Then, watch along as Tim Henry from Sony Electronics shows Kalyn the best cameras to fit BrandStar’s new boardroom.

From video walls and TV screens, to computer screens and smart boards, Kalyn’s design challenge is to find a way to display the same picture and message on all of them! That’s when she came across Bob Michaels, CEO of ZeeVee. Then, from general management systems, to HVAC controllers, screen monitors, and conference room microphones, Wiring.com is handing it all.

It’s one thing to have lots of cool technology on display inside BrandStar’s new headquarters. But it’s quite another thing to make sure it all works! That’s where the right cable comes in. We’ve enlisted the expertise of Monoprice to help us out. Also, in order to carry high resolution images and graphics in 4K, Brandstar needed a much higher end cable, specifically a fiber optic solution. That’s when we brought aboard Robert D’Addario from Cleerline Technology Group.

The center of BrandStar’s building is in the IT Room. That’s why we brought in Chatsworth Products, a longstanding company specializing in cable management and racks, to help store all of BrandStar’s new technology. Also, watch how the folks at Complete Integrated Technology make all of BrandStar’s new systems work together.

With all this technology finally wired in place, Kalyn wants to find the easiest and smartest way to interact with it! Cue Smart Kapp, a company that provides solutions and services when it comes to collaboration and productivity. Don’t forget: It’s also important to protect it all. Check out how Kalyn implements a state-of-the-art video surveillance system inside the new building.