Sound is one of Kalyn’s main challenges inside BrandStar’s new headquarters. Luckily, she found David Hamlin from Submaterial, a company that produces hand-crafted interior accessories for modern environments such as wall-coverings and panels.

Though technology and sound design are major factors in BrandStar’s redesign, so is color! Stay tuned as Kalyn meets with Piero Manrique of Manrique Mural Art & Design, a company that specializes in matching art with work environments.

Then, check out Dauphin’s polished aluminum chairs and soft seating, which will be implemented inside BrandStar’s new office. The company offers an array of design-driven furnishings that deliver performance, quality, and aesthetics to meet specific needs in corporate markets.

Also, creating memorable experiences with customers is critical in winning consumer spending and longterm brand loyalty. On this segment, watch Air Aroma create a unique scent for BrandStar’s new office.