All windows and doors can provide a view. But PGT Innovations believes in offering more.

At their Florida headquarters, PGT Innovations’ goal is to provide homeowners with custom windows and doors that fit their unique lifestyle, while also creating products that protect against hurricane force winds.

When you choose PGT Innovations, you’re getting the most impact-resistant and energy-efficient products in the industry.

In the aftermath of Irma, PGT Innovations pledged to serve even more customers, from Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale-Broward, Jacksonville, and Orlando, to Naples, Tampa, Sarasota, and the Gulf Coast.

Not only that, the experts and engineers at PGT Innovations turn comfort and safety into an art form. Their windows and doors are equal parts functional and fashionable, offered in a wide variety of styles, colors, and tints.

Stay tuned to learn more about PGT Innovations’ commitment to innovation and get an inside look at their production facility.