Lightning protection was invented in the 18th century, but recently, it’s evolved and become even more complex.

You may be surprised to know that a lightning protection system does not attract, repel, or prevent a lightning strike. Rather, it provides specified pathways on which lightning can travel, carrying the destructive power of the lightning strike safely into the ground. Thus, a protection system leaves the structure, its contents, and its occupants unharmed.

East Coast Lightning Equipment (ECLE) offers a line of quality lightning protection systems that can be fitted for commercial, industrial, and residential structures.

As a full-service manufacturer, ECLE has the ability to fill all of your lightning protection equipment needs. A state-of-the-art facility and extensive production capacity enable ECLE’s skilled staff to provide customers with quick service and high-quality lightning products.

Year after year, ECLE continues to make its mark on the lightning protection industry by providing competitive pricing and unprecedented customer service.

While lightning is a natural fact of life, with thousands of strikes every single day, ECLE’s business is making buildings safe from the potentially devastating reality of a single bolt.

Stay tuned as we go behind the scenes at ECLE.