We’re taking a look at the companies leading the way in innovation in South Florida, providing Florida residents with solutions in various sectors.

As we move our lives into the digital world, eCommerce is becoming increasingly important. That’s why FulfillMe is utilizing its wealth of experience to take care of the shipping side of your business.

The average elevator carries 20,000 people per year. Properly servicing the elevator pit helps to avoid various problems that could become dangerous for those passengers.

Kalex Construction is a construction company that specializes in commercial and educational institution construction. We take a look at their latest project at Miami Dade College.

The Original Frameless Shower Doors has been a “one-stop-shop” for the best custom-designed, manufactured, and installed shower doors in Florida for over 25 years.

Corp Design and Office Furniture Solutions are working hand-in-hand to offer the best furniture and design solutions for you, your employees, and your customers.