Indoor Air Quality

Industry Innovations in Safety and Efficiency

A behind-the-scenes look at companies making all the difference when it comes to creating a safer and more efficient world. Inside the Blueprint visits the new Living Lab from Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions, in Lancaster, PA, featuring the 24/7 Defend Portfolio of products for safer and healthier spaces. Highway work zones are a necessary […]

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Healthier Spaces | Armstrong Ceiling Solutions – Commercial

In a Forbes magazine article in July 2021 the author points out, “to get people back to the workplace, we need to create healthy buildings.” The effect of the pandemic has been far-reaching and people need to feel confident that the workplace will be safe. It is vital employers, office managers and schools provide spaces […]

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Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US Leads The Way in Revolutionary Innovations in HVRF Technology

In 2021, sustainability remains at the forefront of commercial buildings, which produce nearly 40% of annual CO2 emissions. The HVAC industry has been focused on designing new innovations and technology addressing energy efficiency and sustainability. On this episode of Inside The Blueprint, we take an inside look at a company on the leading edge of […]

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