Digital Comm Link (DCL), a corporation based in Florida, has been involved in the broadcast video transmission industry since 1996.  This includes the operation of both C-band and Ku-band mobile satellite trucks, a Class B teleport, and multiple talking head live shot studios.

All of DCL’s studios were connected via a fiber-optic mesh network, which came with a costly monthly recurring cost.  Towards the end of 2011, DCL was faced with the challenge of finding a more cost effective way of operating and expanding their studio network.  After significant research, it was determined that the best solution would be to develop an Internet based transmission platform for delivering their video content . . . and that was the inception of the DIGICASTER® platform.

Development took approximately a year and a half before the environment was robust and stable enough to successfully traverse the Internet, overcoming the inherent packet loss issues, while still delivering flawless video.  After successfully using the technology at their studio facilities for over a year, DCL released the platform to the market.

Since its release, the product has been accepted as a viable transmission solution by many of the major USA based broadcast networks, which have integrated DIGICASTER® equipment into the network ingest facilities.