Now with the construction issues and all these moving parts happening at the same time it’s always important to keep thinking about the big picture.  We’re moving 20 thousand square feet and a large number of employees into a much smaller workspace but the end result needs to be more productivity, a comfortable work environment and happy employees.  Kalyn is turning her attention to the ceiling and the interior building lights.  Kalyn’s challenge is to create lighting within the building that will both improve the quality of the workspace and be energy efficient. Lighting Designer Alejandro Vargas from Miami Lighting Design Associates and Tom Schumaker and Audey Cash from Acuity Brands Lighting, are working with Sean Browne, Principal Scientist at Armstrong World Industries to design concept and overcome lighting challenges. Kalyn will take an old idea and make it new again with Matt Moulton of Indoor Sky.  And we chat with the unsung heroes at who will be on site until the job is complete.