As construction continues for BrandStar’s new headquarters, it’s important to consider the big picture. The company is gearing up to transition 20,000-square-feet and dozens of employees into a much smaller workspace. The goal? Create a comfortable, welcoming, and productive office environment. That’s why interior designer Kalyn is turning her attention to the ceiling and the interior building lights. Watch along as she finds unique ways to light BrandStar’s headquarters that are both valuable, effective, and energy efficient.

First up, lighting designer Alejandro Vargas of Miami Lighting Design Associates, along with Tom Schumaker from Acuity Brands Lighting and Sean Browne of Armstrong World Industries, work together to design an innovative lighting concept. Then, Indoor Sky will provide modern and bright window treatments throughout the new building. Before we wrap up, we chat with the folks at, who are behind a handful of communications solutions for the new building.