We’re hitting the road in search of the best in innovation, the most daring in design and the hottest in building technology.

First, we take a trip to tiny Spiceland, Indiana, as to visit Draper, Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of window shades, projection screens and gym equipment.

This family-owned business has been creating innovate, energy-efficient shades for over a hundred years, ensuring a more comfortable and productive environment for its consumers. We learn how Draper merges technology with functionality, and what it means to give back to the community.

Then, Vollrath is offering innovative products to top chefs throughout the U.S. and beyond who are switching to induction cooktops, breaking with the traditional gas and electric equipment options. These cooktops offer an alternative that is safer, more precise, faster and more energy-efficient.

We also go Alexandria, Virginia to discover how a hotel builder managed to figure out how to keep the outside noise of the roaring D.C. Metro train line from disturbing guests — before ground had even broken on the project.

St. Cloud Window was the company that completed this monumental task. A leading designer and manufacturer in aluminum windows and door products for more than 60 years, St. Cloud created six inches of space between insulating and attenuating glass to ensure maximum comfort for hotel guests.