On this edition of Inside the Blueprint, learn more about four leading companies specializing in everything from fire protection to software and security.

Managing a facility isn’t easy, especially when it comes to emergency response and risk management. It requires a full understanding of all assets and systems available – at all times. That’s where FacilityONE comes in.

Say hello to Enerpac, a global market leader in high pressure hydraulic tools, controlled force products, and solutions for precise positioning of heavy loads. What that means is Enerpac is an expert when it comes to tools that lift, cut, push, pull, and more.

Then, we’re in New York visiting the headquarters of McKEON, a full-line manufacturer of fire doors, fire shutters, fire curtains, security grilles, and more.

As the number of attacks continues to grow and vulnerability rises, security is no longer a “nice to have” feature in products. It’s a must have. Security needs to be a consideration at each design’s inception, and Microchip provides the solutions and partners needed to protect products and, ultimately, a company’s IP, brand, and revenue stream.