On this episode of Inside the Blueprint, we’re covering fire protection, cybersecurity, and storage solutions.

First up: Catastrophic storage facility fires. For structures without fire sprinkling systems, damage typically triples compared to businesses with proper protection. With more than 125 years of industry excellence, Johnson Controls offers an unmatched range of fire suppression systems.

Another challenge for businesses around the world is cybersecurity. That’s where Booz Allen Hamilton comes in, a global leader and provider of cybersecurity. Join us as we get an exclusive look at how Booz Allen Hamilton identifies and protects against some of the many sophisticated threats to companies everywhere.

Then, we’re traveling Chesapeake, Va., where the folks at Earthcore produce environmentally safe fireplaces, chimneys, and wood-burning ovens that are fashionable, functional, and built to last. Stay tuned as we get an inside look at how Earthcore transforms volcanic material into incredible works of functional art.

Last up: Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, a charming Midwestern town that is home to Spacesaver Corporation. An expert in saving space and getting organized, Spacesaver designs and manufactures storage solutions that increase productivity and utilize empty space in an efficient and neat way.