We meet with a booming real estate company, an oil supplier, and so much more!

Real estate in Texas is big business and competitive. So, in order to get ahead, a firm needs to have some sort of competitive advantage. We meet with the team at Trinity Real Estate Investment Services to learn why their advantage is all in the human touch.

While renewable energy may be the future, the technology underpinning them isn’t quite ready to run the whole of the United States. That’s why the team at Dallas-based Kentex Worland is investing in the people and property needed to keep the lights on while the transition to green energy happens.

Just because we’ve always done something a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the right way. This is true for any business. With over 2500 customers in 27 states, Eagle Eye Partners uses the latest in technology and innovation to break outside the box and help clients try new things and grow.

Water management solutions are changing the way water gets from one place to another and how society views the strategic importance of long-term water sustainability. Today’s innovations are revolutionizing the industry. Let’s go Inside The Blueprint with Master Meter.

Business owners want the best roof they can get at a great price. The team at Energy Roofing Solutions view themselves as a consultancy that is ready to help companies think through all of their possible roofing solutions.

Police officers spend their lives giving back to the community. And, just like in many other fields, some of them take on extra work to supplement their income. That’s why Point Blank Safety Services is here to help.

America has a serious shortage of skilled tradespeople, especially in the plumbing and HVAC sectors. Dallas’ own Facility Response Group spotted this trend and has gone to great lengths to train the next generation.