On the premiere episode of Inside the Blueprint, we hit the road in search of the world’s most innovative influencers, the most daring in design, and the coolest in commercial construction.

First, we head to Vancouver, Canada to see how Delta Controls is employing innovation and automation to control today’s smart buildings. As one of the largest independent manufacturers of building automation systems, with 300+ distributors in over 80 countries, Delta Controls also boasts a new state-of-the-art 4,400 square-foot manufacturing facility. The company is using sophisticated robotics for a wide variety of tasks, including tedious work like programming software and firmware into devices and systems. Delta Controls aims to be the building of the future by building innovative, high-tech systems that react to its occupants.

Next, check out how Grass America’s soft-close motion is revolutionizing kitchens, baths and offices around the world with their patented technology. Grass America calls it the art of innovation through movement.

Then, we travel to Alexandria, Virginia, to discover how St. Cloud Window managed to figure out how to keep the outside noise of the roaring D.C. Metro train line from disturbing guests — before ground had even broken. A leading designer and manufacturer in aluminum windows and door products for more than 60 years, St. Cloud created six inches of space between insulating and attenuating glass to ensure maximum comfort for hotel guests.

Finally, we’re shedding some serious light on LED, checking out how Revolution Lighting works its magic, and getting up close and personal with the most custom of customers – the world famous West Coast Customs. Revolution Lighting thinks outside the box, tailoring its LED lighting to fit every customer’s needs.